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Library Orientation - New Faculty Cohort

This guide is designed to orient new faculty members to Library resources and services

How to Find Books and Ebooks

How to Find Books and Ebooks  
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How to Find and Use Ebooks  
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How to Find Books & Ebooks: Advanced searching Tips  
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5 Reasons to Use the Library Catalog

  1. To find out whether the ORU Library owns a particular title. The Library Catalog is the tool to use to find out whether a book or other information resource is physically available in the Library. The physical formats collected by the ORU Library include printed books, paper journals including loose current issues and bound volumes of back issues, DVDS, and microfilm. The titles of most of the ebooks the Library owns or provides access to are also searchable in the catalog.
  2. To see what the Library has on a certain topic. Start with a keyword search such as opens new windowafrica* AND relig*, scan the results to find a title that pertains to the research topic, look at the record for that item, and then click a relevant subject heading, e.g., opens new windowAfrica -- Religion.
  3. To see which books an instructor has put on reserve. The catalog can also be used to find the titles of the books or other items your fellow instructors have put on reserve for a course. To search for reserve materials, use the opens new window Instructor Search page (the link is located in the right menu of any catalog search page) and search by the instructor's last name.
  4. To renew items borrowed from the Library. The catalog can be used to renew books provided they are not overdue. Sign into your library opens new windowaccount using your first and last name and the barcode of your ORU ID card. Mark the items you wish to renew, and click the "Renew" button. If books are overdue, contact the One-Stop Library Services Desk.
  5. To browse the library shelves. The catalog can be used to browse the library shelves electronically. Do a call number search and begin browsing. For example, search for opens new windowBR1644 from the opens new windowcall number search page, and browse the titles that have that classification.