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Library Services for Faculty: About

An overview of the services that the Library offers to faculty

Library Services for Faculty

This guide is designed to acquaint faculty members with the services offered to them by the library. These include:

Library Faculty and Staff

Library Faculty and Staff Directory
Name Phone number Title
Bloom, Myra email icon 918-495-7174 Instruction and Reference Librarian
Dunham, Dr. Linda email icon 918-495-7085 Curriculum Media Center Director
Eller, Daniel email icon 918-495-7168 Advanced Library Generalist & Electronic Resources Manager
Higeons, Dana email icon 918-495-6885 Library Systems Administrator & Head of Cataloging
Horner, Thad email icon 918-495-6889 Acting Theological Librarian & Digital Scholarship and Research Librarian
Horton, Jennifer email icon 918-495-6881 Cataloging Assistant
Isgrigg, Dr. Daniel email icon 918-495-6899 Director, Holy Spirit Research Center & Archives
Malcolm, Jane email icon 918-495-7495 Library Assistant Director
Murray, Charla email icon 918-495-7519 Music Listening Lab Assistant
Prescott, Carolyn email icon 918-495-6887 Access Services Supervisor
Roberts, Dr. Mark email icon 918-495-6723 Dean of the University Library
Rydin, Roger email icon 918-495-6750 Archives/Records Central
Sample, Dr. Angela email icon 918-495-6895 Head of Access Services
Open Position 918-495-6723 Assistant to the Dean