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Troubleshooting: Ebsco Folder Problems

Troubleshooting problems with access to ORU Library electronic resources

Saving Items to an EBSCOhost Folder

You have the option to create a personal folder inside EBSCO where you can save articles. EBSCO requires a secure password that is different from your ORU single sign-on credentials. In order to access this folder when you are in EBSCO databases, you must log in every time (so remember your EBSCO-specific credentials). If you change browsers, you must login with each browser. Even within a single browser, if you open up a new window or a tab, always check to see if the folder is active or if you need to log in. If you logged in while in EagleSearch, you will need to log in separately if you switch over to any of the individual EBSCO databases (e.g. Academic Search Complete; Business Source Complete, etc) or when moving from an individual EBSCO research database over to our discovery tool, EagleSearch.


Screen shot

When asked to sign in, you are given options. IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY CREATED AN EBSCO FOLDER ACCOUNT, you will not get to your previously saved articles by logging in through Googlescreen shot. While you can, indeed, log in through your Google account, you will be setting up a NEW folder. If you have NEVER set up an EBSCO folder account, you can easily begin with logging in through Google. In other words, these are two separate folders. You may have both, but the contents are not able to be merged.

Screen shot




Saving Articles to FOLDER from List of Results

Once you have done a search, you will get a list of articles and other resources. You may select any of these articles and put them into your EBSCO folder from this Results List by clicking on the Folder Icon screen shot on the right of the list.

screen shot

Saving Items to Google Drive

An alternative that EBSCO has recently made available is being able to place your articles into your Google Drive screen shot. You can now save articles directly to your Google Drive by selecting this option from the right-hand menu in all Detailed records of your chosen article. This method does not use any EBSCO credentials to log in. Interestingly, Even if you sign into your EBSCO folder with EBSCO credentials, you will still be able to select to save articles to your Google Drive; as a matter of fact, you can put articles in both your Google Drive and your EBSCO folder!

screen shot