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Bible Reference for Online Learners: Website with Bible Study Tools

A selection of Electronic Reference resources for those doing Online and virtual classes.

Bible Study Websites

For the new Bible student, some basic resources are helpful, such as a Concordance or a Bible dictionary. The home page has some suggestions for scholarly sources. But if you need a good concordance or other source for doing a word study, here are some suggestions. Most of these are older resources that are available online because they are public domain.

  • Bible Verse Search - When you need to find verses in the Bible.
  • Bible Concordances  for looking up words such as Strongs, Topical Concordance, Thompson Chain Reference. These have some definitions and may have greek words.
  • Online Bible Dictionaries for finding definitions. However, the ones one home page of this guide are newer and more academic.
  • Interlinear Bibles for finding what Greek or Hebrew word is used for the English translation. From this, you can use a Lexicon to find authoritative definitions, if you know your Greek Letters.
  • An Online Thayer's Lexicon for looking up Greek words. Again, if you can use this, use the Lexicon on the home page of the this guide instead.
  • Young's Analytical Concordance  is an older concordance that gives definitions for greek words. Available through

The biggest problem with using these sources is they are hard to site. So use the Library source as much as you can. But these can be good places to get you started so you can use the Library sources better. 

For example, if you are doing a study on the word "Power" in the Bible. Use the search to find the verse. Use a bible dictionary to get a definition. Use an Interlinear to find out what Greek word is used. "dunamis" in the greek.  Then use a lexicon to look up the word for a greek definition.