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Bible Reference for Online Learners: Commentaries on Books of the Bible

A selection of Electronic Reference resources for those doing Online and virtual classes.

Commentaries on Books of the Bible

The best way to study any passage of the Bible is to learn about the passage from biblical commentaries.  ORU has hundreds of commentaries for the various book of the Bible. A good number of them are in Ebook form that you can access as a distance student. Individual book commentaries are often part of larger commentary series, each with its own unique approach, but each of which is appropriate for you academic studies.  Among the emphasis a commentary might have are the following:

  • Some commentaries are critical or exegetical commentaries usually focused on the text itself, its author, and the various critical issues from the biblical languages to the back ground culture.  
  • Some are more pastoral, preaching (expositor's) or application commentaries that focus on the applicational value for preaching and teaching.
  • Most are a balance of both and are good general commentaries for academic research.
  • Some are contextual, viewing biblical interpretation through a contextual lens such as theological communities, global or ethnic studies, or specialty focuses like women's studies.
  • For more information on the various series, see this list 

Below is a list commentaries by book or by a particular part of the Bible. However, the best way to find a commentary is to search from the Ebooks tab on the home page search box. Just type the name of the book and commentary. For example "Ephesians and Commentary." Choose one and find the section that deals with your passage. 

Bible Commentaries Plus -- Guide Contents

The Biblical Commentaries Plus LibGuide is designed to raise awareness of and provide easy access to the many Bible commentaries available in the ORU Library. The commentaries listed have been selected as starting points for doing research on the various books and sections of the Bible. Other works such as introductions, critical and interpretative works, and theological studies related to a book or section of the Bible are listed separately in boxes labeled, "More on...". For further guidance in selecting commentaries, check out the resources listed in the Resources for Evaluating Bible Commentaries box to the right. Guest researchers who do not have access to ORU's restricted resources may wish to try the Open Access Bible Commentaries Quick Search (see box below).

To recommend a commentary to add to this LibGuide or to add to the ORU Library collection, please contact the Theological Librarian.