Off Campus Access

If you are having issues with off-campus access, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Are you using your Novell login?
    1. Have you been successful in logging into off-campus access in the past?

Your Novell login is the first part of your ORU email address without If your email is, then your Novell login is abc123. If you have do not know your ORU email address, contact the Student Help Desk. (918.495.6321,

  1. Try using another browser

For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Have you previously been successful at logging in on the computer you are using now?

Try a different computer, preferably in a different location. If you are accessing from certain types of business (such as hospitals, banks, schools, etc.), the firewall or security settings may be blocking the EZProxy system.

If none of these issues seems to be the problem, contact the Student Help Desk. (918.495.6321,

  1. Try closing the browser and retrying, or try clearing your browser's cache.



EZ Proxy Technical Help

I logged in to EZProxy but nothing seems to happen.

Here are some of the common issues that may prevent EZProxy from working correctly:

  1. Popup blocker
    Disable pop-up blockers in our browser
    while you are accessing the restricted databases through EZProxy.
    See the Help feature in your browser and type “pop-up” in the search bar
  2. Firewall

If you see “this page cannot be displayed,” it usually means a firewall issue on your side. If you have installed personal firewall software (e.g. Norton Antivirus), then you need to add as a safe site.

  1. Cookies
    EZProxy and some databases send “cookies” when you connect to them to verify that you are an authorized user. If your browser reports an error receiving a “cookie,” you have to enable them in your browser settings.
    The Default setting for most browsers will accept EZProxy cookies without a problem. However, if you changed it, you will see a blank page. Change browser options to accept all cookies.
    See the Help feature in your browser and type “cookies” in the search bar
  2. JavaScript
    Again, the default setting for most browsers will work well with EZProxy’s JavaScript. However, if you changed it, you will need to enable it again in order to access the library databases.
  3. Identity Protection Software
    Identity Protection Software (e.g. GhostSurf) will modify the way your computer communicates with our EZProxy Server. Identity Protection Software must be disabled before accessing the Library databases
  4. I can use it at home, but not at work
    Many corporate, government, and educational institutions use firewalls for security purposes and block every port other than standard web browser ports. You need to discuss EZProxy with you network administrator, askng him/her to enable it.