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Library Orientation - New Faculty Cohort

This guide is designed to orient new faculty members to Library resources and services

Key to Effective Library Research: Using the Right Tool at the Right Time

ToolboxThe Library has a virtual toolbox of power tools to help you find the information you need for your course preparation and research projects. This section of this guide is designed to introduce these major research tools to you and suggest when and how you can make the best use of them.

The major research tools are:

  • Library catalog (Books +)
  • Journal Finder +
  • Database list
  • EagleSearch(Articles+)
  • WorldCat
  • Research guides
  • Digital Showcase

To learn more about these library tools, click the links.



Which Research Tool Is Most Appropriate for the Task at Hand?

...Find a book, ebook, or other media in the ORU Library? Use the opens new window Library Catalog (the Books+ tab).

...Find the full text of a journal in the ORU Library? Use the opens new windowJournal Finder+.

... Identify journal articles for a research paper? Use one or more databases on the opens new window Database List.

...Find information for a research project but not sure which database to use first? Try opens new windowEagleSearch (the Articles+ tab)

...Borrow a book the ORU Library does not own? Search opens new windowWorldCat.

...Find guidance on how to do research in a specific subject area or type of information? Use the opens new windowResearch Guides.

... Access digitized materials from the Holy Spirit Research Center or from one of the University colleges? Use the Digital Showcase.