Library Impact

ORU Library total library impact: 1,366,117 points of contact May 2020 to April 2021. 16,547 borrowing transactions. 238,036 ebook uses. 495,137 online articles viewed. 22,058 business records viewed. 5,953 academic videos streamed. 178,533 digital showcase downloads and media streams. 209 countries impacted. 5,699 ask-a-librarian questions. 334,320 library website visits. 75,340 database list visits. 11,334 social media followers. 3,315 library instruction attendees. 1,903 interlibrary loan transactions. visit the library website at

Library Mission

The ORU Library promotes learning by connecting users to the knowledge they seek by acquiring the resources that fit our curriculum and faculty research, and teaching users how to evaluate them to find the best, research successfully with them, and use them in academic discourse effectively and ethically.

The underlying intent of the library mission is to support the mission of the University.