3D Printer Station

3D PrinterThe 3D Printer Station is located to the right of the LINC entrance, LRC 4th floor, by the zebra. Create, explore and design new imaginative projects with the 3D printer.

Faculty & AVR Room

Faculty and AVR RoomThe special Faculty & AVR Room is located to the right of the new book display on LRC-4th floor.

The room is dedicated to use by current or retired ORU faculty, and students using educational VR programs, such as 3D Organon VR and TiltBrush. The Faculty & AVR Room is available during posted library hours including evenings and weekends.

Faculty may use the room for individual research or collaboration with colleagues or students. Student use of the room is restricted to interactive educational virtual reality (VR). Please note: This is not a student study room.

Faculty and students may use the room on the spur of the moment or opens new windowreserve the room.

Library Digital Sandbox

Digital Sandbox Fun

The Library Digital Sandbox is located in the LRC, 4th floor, LINC, and provides two HTC Vive VR systems and a Music Workstation. Students may check out the room key from the One-Stop Library Service desk. A student check-in form is available on the iPad inside the room by the door entrance for student feedback. Please take a few minutes to complete the check in and give us your comments.

Music Workstation

Music WorkstationLocated in the Library Digital Sandbox, LRC, 4th floor LINC, the Music Workstation enables the many ORU musicians not enrolled in the Music Department to learn basic digital composition and recording. Users can create, edit, listen and share music with this well equipped and easy-to-use workstation.

The Music Workstation is equipped with an Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 MIDI Keyboard Controller and a laptop installed with Ableton Live 10 software sequencer and digital audio workstation (DAW), offering users five software instruments, 34 audio effects and eight MIDI effects. A headset is provided.

To capture musical inspiration and create sheet music, users can use Finale music notation software, also installed on the laptop. Printers are available.

VR Activity Station

VR Activity Station

Located in the LINC, LRC-4th floor, you will pass the VR Activity Station walking through the library into the GLC.

This VR station is equipped with the Oculus Rift S Headset for PC-powered VR gaming.

Try Google Earth VR and travel through the entire world by flight and 360 pictures. or catch up on your favorite Steam game.

zSpace Stations

z/space fun

A zSpace Station is located on LRC-4th floor across from the One-Stop Library Service Desk. Pick up the special zSpace VR glasses at the One-Stop Desk.

A second zSpace station is located in the Digital Sandbox, LRC-4th floor. Pick up the special glasses and room key at the One-Stop Desk.