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If you are required to sign up for a LIBBI session, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. The LIBBI Sign Up is in Vision.
    Go to opens new
    and use your ORU network login or single sign-on. (Your username is your ORU email address without
    Click the Vision link.
    libbi sign up
  2. Select the Student Services & Financial Aid tab.
    Click Library seminars (LIBBIs).
    libbi sign up 1
  3. From the drop menu, choose a workshop.

    COMP102 students may choose to do the required Part 2 LIBBI in person in the LIL or online via Zoom:
    - "LIBBI-102COMP-2 LIL Composition, Library Proficiency Pt 2 (in Person)"
    - "LIBBI-102COMP-2 Zoom--Composition, Library Proficiency Pt. 2 (on Zoom)"

    Click Continue.
    libbi sign up 2
  4. Select a date and time.  All sessions last 75 mins.
    Click Request seminar.
    LIBBI Vision sign up step 3

    For social distancing and to best serve students, sessions are limited to 16 attendees. When a session is filled up will be greyed out and you will not be able to sign up for it.

    In person LIBBI sessions meet in the LIL, LRC-4th floor.
    For Zoom meetings, a Zoom link and password will be sent to your ORU email on the day of the LIBBI session.

  5. Acknowledgment:
    After you sign up, an acknowledgment form for the library seminar with the day, date and time of your selected session will be available to print, if you prefer, or you may want to do a screen shot of it to remember the date and time of the LIBBI.
    LIBBI Vision sign up acknowledgement

    To sign up for another LIBBI workshop, click the Student Services & Financial Aid tab then continue with steps 3 and 4 above.

Composition 102 Students:

  • LIBBI-102COMP-1, Part 1 is an online tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, instructions and links are provided for you to sign up in Vision.
  • LIBBI-102COMP-2, Part 2, is offered in-person in the LIL and online in Zoom. You will need to choose which you will attend and make sure to choose a session date and time that is after you complete the Part 1 tutorial.
  • Both LIBBI-102COMP, Part 1 and Part 2 are required as part of Composition 102. Non-completion of one or both results in a letter grad consequence in the course.
  • When the LIBBIs are over for the semester there is no way to make them up.