The LIBBI sign-up is in Vision.  If you are required to sign up for a LIBBI session, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1.  Go to  opens new and use your ORU network login or single sign-on. (your username is your ORU email address without
    Click the Vision link.
    libbi sign up
  2. Select the Student Services & Financial Aid tab.    
    Click Library Seminars. 

     libbi sign up 1
  3. From the drop menu, choose a workshop.   
    Click Continue.

    libbi sign up 2

  4. Select a date and time. 
    Click Request Seminar.

    LIBBI Vision sign up step 3

    LIBBI sessions are limited to 30 students per sessions. When a session is filled up it is greyed out. 

  5. Acknowledgment:  

    After you sign up, an acknowledgment form for the library seminar with the day, date and time of your selected session will be available to print, if you prefer. It is NOT necessary to print or bring the acknowledgment form to the LIBBI.

    LIBBI Vision sign up acknowledgement

    To sign up for another LIBBI workshop,  click the Student Services & Financial Aid tab then continue with steps 3 and 4 above. 

Composition 102 Students:

  • It is recommended you sign up early to get a session that works conveniently with your schedule. 
  • When the LIBBIs are over for the semester there is no way to make them up.
  • You may sign up for both parts 1 and 2 (LIBBI-102COMP-1 and LIBBI-102COMP-2),  if you choose to do so.  Make sure  when you choose your session date and time  that you will ATTEND part 1 before part 2.