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If you forgot which LIBBI you signed up for, or forgot if you completed the LIBBI, follow the instruction below.

Go to the Library seminar sign up in Vision.

opens new windowLog in (opens in a new window) to Vision and select the Student Services & Financial Services tab.
Choose Library seminars.
Select a Library seminar from the drop menu and click Choose.

If you have already signed up for a LIBBI workshop, the session date and time will be listed on the next page, directly under the LIBBI session title.

In the example below, the marked, unshaded area shows that the student is currently signed up to for Thursday, April 11 at 3:50 P. M. for the LIBBI-303COMP workshop.

LIBBI-signed up workshop date

Did you already complete the LIBBI?
If you have completed the LIBBI, a note will appear on the page that the LIBBI is completed and you will not have the option to sign up for a session.

Please note that the library workshop you sign up for will NOT appear on your Student Schedule by Day & Time nor the Student Detail Schedule in Vision.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Myra Bloom at 918.495.7174 or inquire at the One-Stop Library Services Desk.