Library Instruction Data Forms

Teaching Librarian Data for a LIBBI
If you taught or will be teaching a LIBBI and it is not in Argos, complete and submit this form any time during the semester so your teaching data can be added to Library Instruction statistics. A LIBBI can be for a specific class or an open session available for student sign up. Most LIBBIs are professor requested hands-on instruction in the LIL for a course, select student group or research assignment. An in-class presentation, faculty demonstration, or 3D printer training would be non-LIBBI teaching.
(Note: The Argos program provides student contact information and the option to print a roster.)

Teaching Librarian Data (non-LIBBI)
If you provided non-LIBBI library instruction, please complete and submit this form so your teaching data can be included in Library Instruction statistics. In general, an in-class presentation, faculty demonstration, or 3D printer training would be non-LIBBI teaching. View report.
(Note: If the link does not go to the report, sign out of SpringShare, then click the "View report" link again.)

Teaching Librarians Fall 2019

✔ Choose a LIBBI. 
After selecting LIBBIs to teach, email session dates and times to Myra ( The LIBBI Schedule/LIL Cal Calendar will be updated showing your name as the "Presenter" for your selected sessions.

✔ Print the LIBBI roster.
Bring the roster to your teaching session. Put the LIBBI sign in attendance roster in the LIL or on the podium by the LIL. Remind students at the beginning and end of the session to initial the roster

✔ Open the LIL approximately 20 minutes before the session starts and put out the roster.

✔ Teach the LIBBI.
The "LIBBI-102COMP-1 and -2 Content" tab above provides an outline of contents, teaching examples, suggestions, recommendations and required items to covercovered. See opens new windowLIBBIs: COMP-102 for Part 1 and Part 2 titles, objectives and related library guides.

After the session:
At your earliest convenience, give the initialed roster to Myra. (Slide it under her office door or put it in her mailbox.) Student attendance will be marked in Vision according to the initialed roster so Composition professors will have attendance for course grading. Your teaching time(s) and session(s) will automatically be added to the LIBBI statistics.

Students who do not initial the roster will not get credit for attending the LIBBI session. If a student attended a LIBBI session but did not initial the roster, you may print a duplicate roster of the session and make arrangements with the student to meet with you to initial the LIBBI roster. Then, give the initialed roster to Myra, who will update the LIBBI attendance. If you have questions, please contact Myra. 


The teaching librarian is responsible to check that the LIL is opened and to lock it after the session(s). This semester student workers will not open the LIL for LIBBI.

Please leave the instructor's computer on during the week, as advised by IT. When the instructor's computer is off and needs to be turned on, it may take up to 15-20 minutes for all the software programs to load,.The computer can be used but it will be slow.

For easier viewing, the front set of lights can be turned off when using the projector. The wall lights do not dim.

Helpful Notes

  • LIBBI sign up in Vision closes 30 minutes before the session starts.
  • All initialed rosters are kept on file, so it is not necessary to keep a copy. 
  • If you miss teaching something during your LIBBI session, there is opportunity to cover it if students ask questions during the Exit Exercises in D2L.
  • Non-attendance affects the student's course grade, so it is very important to make sure all students have initialed the LIBBI attendance roster. Go to opens new windowcourse syllabus for Composition 102.
     102 course syllabus grading