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LIBBIs and Teaching Librarians

10 Student Minimun

The LIBBI "Presenter" (Teaching Librarian) is responsible to teach the LIBBI and record and turn in student attendance.

Per Dr. Roberts, a minimum of ten (10) students must sign up for a LIBBI-102COMP Part 2 session to occur. Check the sessions you teach. If fewer than ten sign up, about a day before the session, notify those who signed up (use Argos for student emails) the session will not occur and invite them to choose another. Contact Myra that you canceled the session.

Information about the 10-student minimum sign up is on the LIBBI pages and emailed to COMP students at the beginning of the semester, so students are aware of it.

Sr. Paper LIBBIs and SR. Paper ILL Fee Wiaver List

When you teach a sr. paper or sr. paper prep LIBBI, after the session you will need to email the attendee names to and Jane, and copy the email to the class professor. Student names will be added to a master ILL sr. paper fee waiver list so they do not need to pay the $2.00 ILL fee.

Helpful Notes for LIBBI-102Comp & LIBBI-303Comp

LIBBI sign up in Vision closes 30 minutes before the session starts.

For Part 2 LIBBIs, if you miss teaching something during your LIBBI session, there is opportunity to cover it when students ask questions during the Exit Exercises in D2L.

Your teaching sessions are automatically added to the LI statistics.