The Holy Spirit Research Center collection contains

  • 14,000 books, including many significant Master's theses and doctoral dissertations
  • 1200 periodicals including peer reviewed journals, international publications, ministry magazines, and newsletters, some of which date back to the beginning of the movement
  • 9,000 audio/video items
  • 33,000 items in the Holy Spirit Vertical file: tracts, pamphlets, brochures, unpublished papers, newsletters, news articles, and more; nearly all are pre-2000 in their year of publication
  • hundreds of sound recordings, films, photographs, and microfilms

This collection contains a wide cross-section of materials from within Pentecostalism worldwide, its denominations and institutions, its teachings and practices, and its leading figures, including the classical, neo-Pentecostal (charismatic), "Third Wave," and later streams and their critics. This research-level collection includes resources advocating both the continuationist and cessationist views regarding manifestations and gifts of the Holy Spirit, including glossolalia; and primary and secondary sources pertaining to the movement’s historical events and current issues. Researchers from all over the United States and from other countries have come to ORU to use this special collection for many reasons, including writing books and dissertations. Among significant recent works that benefited greatly from this collection are these: 

Salvation with a Smile Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, and American Christianity  Phillip Luke Sinitiere (New York University Press 2015)

Blessed: A history of the American prosperity gospel Kate Bowler (Oxford University Press, 2013)

Spirit cure: a history of Pentecostal healing Joseph W. Williams (Oxford University Press)

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Uncataloged HSRC Periodical Titles

The Holy Spirit Research Center holds an estimated 1,200 periodical titles from Pentecostal and Charismatic Movement.  Currently, 600 of these are cataloged in our library cataloging system accessible at But there remains over 400 titles that have been documented but have not yet been cataloged. Therefore, this list serves as a finding aid for additional titles we have but are not in our system. The holdings information is limited at this point since full documentation has yet to be done. For information about the exact holdings, you can contact the HSRC ( or the Director, Daniel Isgrigg ( Below is a PDF of the alphabetical list. 


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Finding Aids - Holy Spirit Vertical File

The HSRC has a vertical file of over 1700 files on various individuals, groups, and topics within the global Spirit-empowered movement. These files contain information collected over the past 50 years such as letters, artifacts, brochures, pamphlets, unpublished writings, photos, and other documents related to each person, group or topic. A master list of these files is currently under audit. Several of the individual files have been indexed and there are finding aids available. Some items also have been digitized and are available on the Digital Showcase.