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Holy Spirit Research Center: Oral Roberts Research

Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association Artifacts

The HSRC and Main Library contain a large number of books, audio, and video by and about Oral Roberts.  This page contains links some quick links to items in the ORU catalog to help your research.

Bibliography on Oral Roberts

In addition to these items, the HSRC has a vertical file of additional uncatalogued items. A finding aid is available for the Oral Roberts Vertical file.  There are also a growing number of unpublished writings, photos, and audio/video of Oral Roberts on ORU's Digital Showcase. 


Oral Roberts University Materials

The HSRC has a wide range of materials relating to the history of ORU, including artifacts, magazines, student newspapers, works by professors, audio/video of chapels, class recordings, and more. The Oral Roberts University Collection on Digital Showcase contains some of the artifacts, recordings, and ORU publications which have already been digitized. (Use of some of these requires ORU login credentials)

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