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Group Study Rooms: Postgraduate Study Spaces

Need a place for your group to study. Book a study room in the Library.

Book a Postgraduate Study Space

Please note, face coverings (masks or shields) are required in all areas of the Library, including group study rooms.

Postgraduate Study Rooms are designated quiet study spaces reserved for doctoral level ORU students.

Rooms: Postgraduate study rooms consist of two double occupancy rooms, totaling 4 spaces reserved for students. Rooms are located on the 4th floor LRC in the hall to the north of the One-Stop Library Services Desk.

  • PG-1 - LRC 408 E
  • PG-2 - LRC 408 F
  • PG-3 - LRC 408 L
  • PG-4 - LRC 408 M

Requirements for Usage:

  • Room are closed access and reserved for postgraduate ORU students in the CoTM PhD/ D. Min and CoE Ed.D programs.
  • Guest researchers doing doctoral studies at other institutions may also request permission to use the spaces provided they are registered guests and must be approved by Daniel Isgrigg or another librarian.

Reservation Guidelines:

  • Rooms are available on first come first serve basis.
  • Rooms may be reserved in advance using the Postgraduate Study Room scheduler.
  • Access will be granted by a key checked out during each visit by permission in the Milli system based on the student’s classification.
  • Access is granted in 6-hour timeslots but may be renewed if needed.