Faculty Research Room: Policies and Booking Tool

The Faculty & AVR Room is available for reservation by faculty and visiting professors. When unoccupied by faculty, students may use the room on a walk-in basis. Faculty reservations take precedence over students' use.

A room to the right of the new book display on LRC-4 is designated the Faculty & AVR Room and dedicated to use by current or retired ORU faculty. The research room is intended for individual research or collaboration with colleagues or students. Faculty may occasionally want to reserve the room for an hour or two where they can be easily accessible to their students for the purpose of advising them regarding the selection or use of library materials; however, the room is not intended for regular use as an office or classroom.

In collaboration with the Center for Faculty Excellence, the Library has installed a computer in the research room on which Camtasia--video recording and editing software--has been loaded so that faculty may use the room to record lectures for online classes. To further facilitate the recording process, the Library has placed a web cam and headset on reserve at the One-Stop Library Services Desk for use by faculty members who use Camtasia.

The research room is available during posted library hours including evenings and weekends. Faculty may reserve the room by using the booking tool below. The faculty member will receive an email upon approval of their booking. Faculty members may use the room on the spur of the moment provided they check first at the One-Stop Library Services Desk to make sure the room is free and to inform the library staff as to how long they plan to use the room. Library staff will then book the room for the faculty member so that the room appears as booked on the booking calendar.

A faculty member may reserve the research room for up to 40 hours or five days per semester or summer. The hours per faculty member may be increased upon request should the level of usage permit.

To gain access to the Faculty & AVR Room after receiving email verification of the booking, faculty may check out the key from the One-Stop Library Services Desk, where they should return it when their scheduled time has ended. If the faculty member has reserved the room for an entire day, then the key will be due at the One-Stop Library Services Desk no later than 15 minutes prior to the closing of the Library. Faculty members are asked to lock the room whenever they leave the Library and before returning the key.

The group study rooms in the Library Information Commons are also available for faculty use, but the Library encourages faculty to use the research room when it is available so that, as much as possible, the group study rooms will be free for student use.

The Faculty & AVR Room can accommodate up to 4-5 people. Covered drinks are permitted.