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GBIB-756/ GTHE-756 Thesis Research and Proposal: Course Guide

This guide is designed to assist College of Theology & Ministry students who are doing research for their Master's-level thesis.

Why read background information?

Reading background information helps fill in knowledge gaps. Virtually everyone, even experts, can benefit from reading authoritative summaries of the historic background, current developments, major players, and primary issues of a chosen topic. These summaries sometimes include basic bibliographies that help to jump start research projects.

Major sources of authoritative summaries are subject dictionaries and encyclopedias. Other background information may be obtained from biographical and statistical sources and other reference works such as handbooks and directories.

Handbooks & Directories

To find a denominational or church-related directory or handbook, do a search for:

opens new window (denomination* OR sects) AND (handbook * OR director*)

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Selected Theology & Ministry eReference Works

Bible Commentaries

To identify the more scholarly Bible commentaries, use the Bible commentaries series chart in the Bible Commentaries Plus guide.

See also David Bauer's opens new windowEssential Bible Study Tools for Ministry, especially the "Highly Recommended" sections of his selected lists of commentaries for each book of the Bible. Ask for this at the One-Stop Library Services Desk.