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How to Find Theses, Dissertations, and Applied Research Projects

Distance Learners

If you need a pre-1997 dissertation or you are unable to find the full text online in one of ORU's databases consider the following options:

If you have a local public library—
Can they do Interlibrary Loan requests for you? If so, they may be able to borrow the dissertations you need from the library that owns them. Some public libraries do not provide this service, or they only do it for regular books, not dissertations (since many academic libraries will not loan dissertations to public libraries).

If your local library cannot do an ILL for you—
The ORU library can try to borrow the dissertation for you. Make a request by finding the dissertation in the opens new windowWorldCat Dissertations database and using the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) link, shown right, to submit a request.

It is not always possible to borrow dissertations through ILL because they are usually only owned by one library, which may or may not participate in our ILL lending network. If the library is not one of our free lenders, they may agree to loan it for a fee (usually $10.00—$20.00).

If you are unable to borrow the item—
Many dissertations are available for purchase through, for example, opens new windowDissertation Express. (use the "Get" tab to see more ordering options)

If you need assistance—
Contact opens new windowDistance at, or 918-495-7495.