Article Formats

If an article is not available full text (HTML, PDF or similar) in the database(s) you are using, it may be elsewhere in the library. For example, in addition to full text online, articles are available in current issues, bound volumes and on microfilm and CD-ROM.

Hard Copy - Print and Paper

Bound periodicalsSingle issues and multiple volumes or issues bound together for easier storage.

Current Issues are located in the Periodical area and arranged alphabetically by title in the bins along the wall by the GC/LRC doors.
To find current issues: Browse the shelves for the Journal/magazine title then look for the issue.

Bound Volumes are located in the Periodical area and arranged by call number on the shelves.
To find bound volumes: 1) Search the library catalog for the title and date you need. Then 2) Record the call number and date or volume/issue numbers to find the journal or magazine on the shelves.


A strip of film wound on a spool that contains images of the journal/magazine pages

Microform cabinetsPeriodical area, in the "yellow" microfilm file cabinets along the wall. Arranged by call number, then volume and issue numbers.

To find microfilm: 
From the library catalog record, print or record the call number and date or volume and issue numbers that you need. Go to the microfilm cabinets and find the item.

Microform readers are available to review articles, print them or save the article in PDF format then email it. 

Assistance is available at the One-Stop Library Services Desk


CD-ROM computer

Some articles may ONLY be available on CD-ROM, as noted in the library catalog journal title record.

The CD-ROM computer in the Periodical Area, by the bound periodical stacks.

Note that CD-ROM is only available for use in the Library.

Assistance is available at the One-Stop Library Services Desk.