Periodical Formats and Locations

The Periodicals Area, LRC-4th floor, is the primary location for in-house periodicals. In the Library Information Commons, LINC, computers are available for online periodicals.

Periodicals may be found in ORU databases, open access on the Web, or elsewhere as indicated below.

Periodicals Formats and Locations
  Database An electronic resource of information (articles, books, journals, etc.) that includes indexes and citations but may also include abstracts an full text.
laptop Full Text Online Available on and off campus on any computer with Internet access when you are logged in with you ORU network login or SSO.  (Your username is your ORU email address without
Current Issues Arranged alphabetically by title in bins along the wall.
Popular magazine titles are shelved on the wall at the end of the One-Stop Library Services Desk.

books Bound Volumes Arranged by call number on the stacks in the Periodicals area.


Microfilm - A strip of film wound on a spool that contains journal or magazine articles.

Shelved in the microfilm cabinets, LRC-4th floor, Periodicals Area. Microfilm is arranged by call number then volume and issue dates in the file cabinets.