About ORU Periodicals

Periodical is the generic name for a "periodic" publication, such as newspaper, journal, or magazine published at a regular interval.

The ORU library subscribes to more than 32,000 periodicals in a variety of publication media, with most titles available full text online. Online full text titles include links to the full text with options to browse a single issue or search all issues to find an article.

To find a periodical title, search the ORU opens new windowJournal Finder+. Inquire at the One-Stop Library Services Desk if you have questions or need assistance locating a periodical.

Partial Title Lists

For Journal titles in a database:
Use the "Publications" link, or similar link, in a database to search or browse the periodical titles in the database. When you identify a title, mark one or more to search, or click a journal title to view the publication record.

opens new windowORU Library Catalog
Use for "in-house" periodical titles, those located in the library, such as current and bound print issues, microform, CD-ROM formats. The library catalog does NOT include online periodical titles.