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How to Find a Book in the Library

Information you need from the catalog

Before you can find the book on the shelves, you need to get some information from the catalog.

book catalog record



Get the Status

1) First, look at the Status.status in catalog record

  • If it says AVAILABLE, you can check it out.


Meanings of Other Status Codes

  • If there is a date, someone else has it checked out.
  • If it says LIB USE ONLY, you can't check it out, but you can use it anywhere in the library.

Get the Floor Location

location in catalog record

2) Next, look at the Location.

  • LRC 4th Floor Books: means the book is on the 4th floor.

Meanings of Other Location Codes

  • LRC 4th Floor Reserve: you can ask for the book at the checkout area of the One-Stop Library Services Desk. These books have a limited checkout period, usually 2 hours, and cannot leave the library
  • LRC 4th Floor Audiovisuals (LRC-AV): is the lower shelving between the outer wall and the One-Stop Library Services Desk.
  • Library DVDs: are the racks in front of the One-Stop Library Services Desk.
  • LRC 4th Floor Periodicals (LRC-P): is the area of shelves on the 4th floor between the LRC/GC doors and the Library Instruction Lab (LIL)
  • LRC 4th Floor Reference (LRC-R): is the group of shelves between the glass doors, group study rooms A and B, and the AVR station. The books can be used anywhere in the Library, but cannot be checked out.
  • LRC 5th Floor Curriculum Media Center Curriculum Materials (CMC): is the Curriculum Media Center on LRC 5th floor.
  • LRC 5th Floor Books: means it is on the shelves on the 5th Floor.
  • LRC 5th Floor Holy Spirit Research Center (PEN): is telling you the book is in the Holy Spirit Research Center; these books must be used in the Holy Spirit Research Center only.

Get the Call Number

3) Now, take a picture or write down the Call Number. book spine with call numbercall number in catalog recordYou need this number to find the book on the shelf.

This Call Number will be on the spine (or sometimes the front) of the book.


Now you know the location on the shelf. Next you need to find out how to find the right shelf in the library.