Reserve Books


Reserved materials are shelved behind the One-Stop Library Services Desk.

How Putting a Book on Reserve Can Help Your Students Succeed

What one relatively small thing can you as a faculty member do to help your students succeed? Place personal or library copies of required and recommended texts on reserve.

How will putting books on reserve help your students succeed? you ask. It will...

  • provide access to books that are no longer in print or hard to find or exceptionally expensive. 
  • ensure that no single student will be able to monopolize the library's only copy.
  • help ensure that students will always have access to a copy throughout the semester even if they lose theirs.


How to Place Items on Reserve

To place an item on reserve, use the form available here, complete it digitally, print it, and then take it with the item to be placed on reserve to the One-Stop Library Services Desk.

For guidelines regarding copyright and fair use, see the Library's copyright page here.

Any questions?  Circulation supervisors are happy to help.  918-495-6028.

How Will Your Students Know What You Have Placed on Reserve?

To see what you have placed on reserve, your students can go to the opens new windowLibrary Catalog, select "Instructor Search" from the right menu, and search for your last name. To try it yourself now, click the image below, and key in the name of any ORU professor.

opens new windowImage of Reserves' Instructor Search in ORU Catalog