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The Teaching Librarians are responsible for collection development in the disciplines represented by the various academic colleges and departments of the University:

Purchase Requests

The Teaching Librarians share the responsibility for collection development. They are each assigned a subject area for which they are responsible. However, because the college faculty members are subject experts in the discipline(s) in which they have received their academic training, they are encouraged to become acquainted with the Teaching Librarian assigned to their area and recommend to them titles of books and other materials for acquisition.

To recommend a title, you may use an opens new windowonline form. But when requesting several titles, it may be easier to email a list of recommended items to the appropriate librarian. In your list, please include the author, title, publisher, date, and ISBN of each item (or as much of that information that is readily at hand). Please also indicate the preferred format (paper or electronic). You will be notified when the items requested have been received and processed and are ready for circulation. 

A relatively easy way to create a list of recommendations is to save items in opens new windowWorldCat or to a Wish List in opens new windowAmazon, which you can then email to the appropriate librarian. 

The Library does request that you or perhaps a student assistant, first check the opens new windowORU catalog for books or the opens new windowJournal Finder+ for journals to see whether the Library already owns the items before you take the time to recommend them.

Please send requests/recommendations to the collection development librarian who serves your discipline (see the box on the lower left).