Library Instruction for Classes

The Library provides tours, student workshops (opens new windowLIBBIs), course-specific instruction, senior paper sessions, and more to inform students and support their coursework and development of information literacy. For more information, see the opens new windowlibrary instruction page.

Myra Bloom is the Library Instruction librarian. Other librarians provide library instruction as requested by the faculty of the colleges and departments to which they are assigned. For example, Jane Malcolm gives the business-related instructionDr. Angela Sample provides the education-related instruction, Dr. Sally Shelton and Thad Horner give instruction related to theology & ministry, and Daniel Isgrigg gives tours of the Holy Spirit Research Center. 

Faculty members may fill out an online request opens new windowform to schedule a library instruction session for one or more of their classes. The earlier in the semester a session is requested, the more likely the librarian will be able to schedule the desired date/time. 

The Library Instruction librarian has set up a template for course library guides. To see examples of course guides that have been created, go to opens new windowResearch Guides and look for "Course Guides."

More information is available on the opens new windowLIBBI page.


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