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ebooks@ORU: How to Download ebooks

Overview of the ebooks available in the ORU Library along with tips on how to access, search, navigate, annotate, and download them

Initial Steps to Prepare for Downloading Ebook Central and EBSCO eBooks

to prepare to download and readebooks@ORU, follow these steps:

Step1: Create an Apple account.

You will need an Apple ID to access the App Store on your mobile device or on iTunes.

If you have previously set up an iPhone or iPad, you already have an Apple account.

to set up an Apple account without a payment method, follow the directions opens new windowhere.

to find your Apple ID if you have forgotten it, change your password, or otherwise manage your Apple account, go opens new windowhere.

Keep your Apple ID and password in a secure place where you can easily retrieve them should you forget them.

Now on to Step 2.

Step 2: Create an Adobe ID.

You will need an Adobe ID to download Adobe Digital Editions, which is the ebook reader to which you can download both ProQuest (Ebook Central) and EBSCO ebooks.

If you have already downloaded an entire ebook from ProQuest or EBSCO to your laptop or PC, then you already have an Adobe ID.

If you don't already have an Adobe ID, goopens new windowhere, and click "Get an Adobe ID."

Fill in the blanks and click "Create."

Keep your Adobe ID and password in a secure place where you can easily retrieve them if you forget them.

Now take Step 3.

Step 3: Create a personal account in Ebook Central.

Go to the Ebook Central web site via the Library's Database list.

Click "Sign In" in the black bar along the upper right side of the page.

Log in using your ORU network username and password (i.e., the same you use to log on to a campus computer or to access the library resources off campus).

The first time you sign in to Ebook Central, your personal account will be automatically generated.

If you are off campus when you fill in your username and password to access Ebook Central, you will be signed into your personal Ebook Central account at the same time. You can tell you are signed in because the "Sign In" link will now say "Sign Out."

Now on to Step 4.

You will need a "My EBSCOhost" account if you want to download EBSCO eBooks.

Step 4: Create an EBSCOhost account.

Go to an EBSCOhost database on the Database List, e.g., opens new windowAcademic Search Complete, and and click "Sign in" at the top.

to create a new "My EBSCOhost" account, click "Create a new account," fill in the form, and click the "save changes" button.

Keep your EBSCOhost username and password in a secure place where you can easily retrieve them if you forget them.

If you forget yourEBSCOhost username and/or password, click on the appropriate link on the "Sign In" page.

Now on to Step 5.

If you want to download ORU ebooks to your personal computer or laptop, take Step 5..

Step 5: Download Adobe Digital Editions onto your personal computeror laptop.

Go to the Adobe Digital Editions download page opens new windowhere.

Download either the MacIntosh or the Windows version.

Save the .exe (executable) file, and then “run” it.

Now on to Step 6.

If you want to download an Ebook Central ebook to your mobile device, follow Step 6.

Step 6: Download Bluefire Reader app to your mobile device.

Go to the App Store on your mobile device and search for Bluefire Reader.

Authorize the download of the app with your Adobe ID.

for more on ebook apps, go to the ebook apps tab. For specific downloading instructions, go to the Instructions tab. For how to return an ebook, go to the Return tab.

How to Download - Ebook Central

Downloading part of an ebook

You can download a chapter PDF from the Table of Contents on the Book Details Page.


The PDFs are searchable, selectable, and include a citation and do not expire. Chapter downloads require users to sign-in using their ORU network login (Single Sign-On). Benefits to signing in include the ability to copy, print and download, access to your personal Ebook Central Bookshelf where you can save books, chapters, and create/save annotations – and it’s free (and easy)!

A chapter download is counted the same as print and will be taken into account by the allowances of the book.


Each book's print/download and copy allowance is displayed on the Book Details page, and can vary depending on the publisher. Once you have printed/chapter downloaded a page, the allowance automatically counts down. The allowance will reset after 24 hours, giving you the full number of pages to copy/print/download again.


You can also download a chapter or print pages through the Online Reader's icons. command icons

The Chapter Download Icon will allow you to download the current chapter. The Print icon will allow you to input a page range. It will then download those pages in PDF. In order to print, you must use your PDF Reader's print functionality.

chapter download optionsRead print-to-PDF and chapter download titles on any device that supports .PDF file types – from Kindles aprint download menund tablets to laptops and mobile devices. Users may transfer files between devices without support limitation.



Downloading the entire ebook

To download the entire ebook to read offline, select "Download" from the Book Details Page.

select deviceTo download an ebook for offline access, you will first select the device you want to download the ebook to. 

Adobe Digital EditionsYou will need Adobe Digital Editions a free program that is different than Adobe Reader. If using a mobile device, the Adobe Digital Editions App is free from the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can use other reader apps as long as they are able to handle the Adobe DRM (Digital Rights Management). Search in the app store of your choice for e.g. 'adobe drm reader' or just 'adobe drm' to get a list of potentially suitable apps. 

You do need an Adobe ID simply to read a downloaded book on one device. You can get an Adobe ID for free if you wish to transfer your downloaded eBook from one device to another. You will not need an Adobe ID if you continue to read it on the same device. 

DownloadThe checkout period is 14 days. A book cannot be checked back into Ebook Central early, but will simply "expire"  from your Adobe Digital Editions reader   when the time is up.

See also:

for more on ebook apps, go to the ebook apps tab.

for specific downloading instructions, go to the instructions tab.

for how to return an ebook, go to the Return tab.