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ebooks@ORU: EBSCO

Overview of the ebooks available in the ORU Library along with tips on how to access, search, navigate, annotate, and download them

About the EBSCO eBook Collection

Hyperlinked EBSCO eBooks icon

The EBSCO eBook Collection has 23,302 titles in various disciplines, with some 1,248 religious titles obtained through the Association of Christian Librarians' Christian Library Consortium. while the EBSCO eBook Religion Collection has 8,390 ebooks in religion, for a total31,692 EBSCO eBooks in all.

When you search the EBSCO eBook Collection, you are searching the titles in both collections.

to personalize your use of EBSCO eBooks, sign into your “My EBSCOhost” folder. Doing so will allow you to save searches, make notes, and use other EBSCO eBook features and functions.

EBSCO eBooks ~ Searching & Browsing Options

Search and Browse Options

Advanced Search : Key in a word or phrase in one or more search boxes. If desired, limit the search to a particular field by selecting title, author, subject, or other option from the drop down box. Click the "Search" button.

Browse by Category: Click one of the categories to browse a list of titles in that category.

Browse Highlights or Featured ebooks by clicking "View All" in those categories.

Limit search results to a range of years by adjusting the publication date gadget in the left sidebar.

Other EBSCO eBook Databases

Embedded ebooks

In addition to the collections listed above, other ebooks are embedded in some of the EBSCOhost databases that are, for the most part, databases of journal articles. These embedded ebooks are not cataloged and therefore not searchable in the library catalog. To find these ebooks, use the opens new windowJournal Finder+.

Publication Finder image

Search Hints

Key in a keyword such as marketing, or search for a title, subject, publisher, or ISBN.

for more results, key in a truncated form of the keyword, e.g. market*.

Limit results to books only by selected the Resource Type <book>.

The embedded ebooks are downloadable by chapter in PDF format, and, like a PDF article,may be read offline by downloading to any PDF reader.

EBSCO eBook Tools

Search Results (see sample result below)

EBSCO eBook Result Sample

ebook Title: Click to see the full bibliographic record of the ebook.

PDF Icon: Click to read the ebook in the EBSCOhost reader.

Table of Contents: Click to see the hyperlinked table of contents.

Most Relevant Pages from This ebook: Click to see a list of hyperlinks to pages most relevant to the search.

Page with Magnifying Glass:  Hover the cursor over the icon to see more about the book.

Folder with Plus Sign: Click to add title to a folder.


Toolbar (at bottom of page after clicking PDF icon)


Full Screen View : Click to view the book in the full screen view.

Fit Page Width Icon: Click to view the full page of the text.

Fit Page Icon: Click to fit the text to the width of the EBSCOhost reader.

Minus Sign: Click to zoom out, i.e., reduce text size.

Plus Sign: Click to zoom in, i.e., increase text size.

Navigation Arrows: Click to move backwards or forwards one page at a time.

Page Number Box: Insert a page number and click the "Go" button to go to that page.

Sliding Arrow (not shown, found immediately below text): Click and drag to navigate quickly through the ebook.


Tools (at the top in PDF full text view)

EBSCO eBook Tools (open in a new tab for a larger image)

Contents: Click to see the hyperlinked table of contents of the ebook.

Search within : Clickto open a box to search the full text of the ebook.

My Notes: Before clicking the note tool, sign into your "My EBSCOhost" folder. Once signed in, you can access any previously created notes, or click "New Note" to add a new note.

Add to folder/Remove from folder: Click to add or remove the ebook to your "My EBSCOhost" folder.

Save Pages: Save a single page,page range or section (chapter)of the ebook in PDF format. Copyright law limits the number of pages that may printed from any one ebook.

Email Pages: Email a PDF of a page, page range, or section of the ebook. Copyright law limits the number of pages that may be emailed from any one ebook.

Cite: Choose a citation format to copy and paste into a document

Dictionary: Search for the definition of a word.

Export: Export citation to bibliographic management software such as Zotero.

Permalink: Access a URL that may be copied and pasted into a document to create a direct hyperlink to the ebook.

Share: Share the ebook link on a social network or an email app, or print.

Download: Click to download the entire ebook for a limited time.