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ebooks@ORU: Ebook Central

Overview of the ebooks available in the ORU Library along with tips on how to access, search, navigate, annotate, and download them

About Ebook Central

Ebook Central (Opens in a new window)

Ebook Central, formerly known as ebrary, is a multidisciplinary collection of full-text books from scholarly & professional publishers, 160, 058of which the ORU Library owns or subscribes to. to log onto your personal bookshelf, Sign in using your ORU single log-on. To migrate an ebrary bookshelf into Ebook Central, follow the directions in the relevant YouTube tutorial linked below.

Search & Browse

How to search & browse using the Ebook Central interface

  • Simple Search: Insert one or more words to search the full text of the Ebook Central titles.
  • Advanced Search: Use one or more search boxes to construct a search.
  • Browse: Browse selected categories of titles by clicking "Browse Subjects" on the homepage and then clicking a subject.

Ebook Central titles, authors, and subjects--but not the full text--are searchable in both the library opens new windowcatalog and in opens new windowEagleSearch.

Navigation & Annotation Tools

When you first access an Ebook Central ebook, sign into your personal account before attempting to download it or make annotations. (If accessing Ebook Central off campus, you will be signed in automatically when you log into off-campus access.)

Options in the ebook Record

When you first access an Ebook Central book, you will see the bibliographic and availability information of the ebook including the number of copies accessible to ORU Library users and the number of pages available to you to print or copy. (The number of pages you have previously printed or downloaded from the same ebook will be reflected.) On this page are the following options:

Options in left menu

Read Online: Click either the "Read Online" button or the "Available for Online Reading" link to read the ebook in a browser-based reader. To go directly to a particular chapter, click the link to the desired chapter in the table of contents.

Full Download: Click either the "Full Download" or "Available for Full Download" link, then take these three steps: (1) indicate the type of device you are using, (2) install "Adobe Digital Editions" (if you have not already done so), and (3) click the "Download Your Book" button.

Chapter Download: Click the icon and follow the directions.

Add to Bookshelf: Make sure you have signed into your Ebook Central account, and then click the icon to add a title to your personal bookshelf.

Share Link to Book: Click the icon and then press Control-C to copy the link.

Cite Book: Click the icon and then press Control-C to copy the book citation. At this point, you also have the option of exporting the citation to Zotero or EndNote (citation management tools).


Options within the Browser-based Reader

Icons on Far Left

Icons on far left

Book: Click to return to the ebook record that includes the bibliographic information and other details.

Bulleted List: Click to open the ebook in the online reader and see the table of contents. Click a chapter title to go to it.

Star: Click to display annotations you have made in the ebook. These include bookmarks, highlights, and notes. To delete an annotation, click the "recycle bin" icon beside it.

Magnifying Glass: Click to open a search box so that you can search the ebook for a particular word or phrase.


Horizontal Black Bar (along the very top)

Horizontal black bar at the top

Home: Click to go to the Ebook Central homepage.

Search : Click to search the Ebook Central database.

Bookshelf: Click to access your personal Ebook Central bookshelf.

Help (question mark): Click to access an FAQ about Ebook Central.

Settings (head and shoulders): Click to edit your Ebook Central settings including your preferred citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian) and citation manager (EndNotes or Zotero).

Sign In/Sign out : Sign in with ORU network username and password.


tool Bar (below the black bar)

Tool bar located immediately below the black bar at the top

Full Download (down arrow pointing into a paper tray):Click to download the entire ebook.

Chapter Download (small down arrow on a sheet of paper): Click to download a chapter or page range.

Copy (two stacked sheets of paper): Pre-select text with your cursor, and then click the icon to copy only that portion of the page.To copy an entire page, click the icon without highlighting any text.

Print (printer): Click to print a chapter or page range.

Add to Bookshelf (book with checkmark): Click to add to your personal Ebook Central bookshelf.

Share Link (chain link): Click and then press Control-C to copy the URL of the ebook. (To paste, press Control-V.)

Get Citation (quotation mark in dialog box): Click the icon, select the desired format, and press Control-C to copy the citation. To export, click either the Zotero or EndNote button.

Highlight (highlighter):Select the text with your cursor, and then click the highlight icon. To select a highlight color, click the gold, blue, or red highlighter that appears above the selected text. In addition to a choice of color, a note may be added, or the highlighted text may be copied.

Add Note (single page): Click to open a box where you can key in your note. Click the save button to save it.

Add Bookmark (ribbon): Click to insert a bookmark on the current page.

Zoom Out/Zoom In (plus/minus sign)

Zoom (page with plus sign): Fit width/fit page

Go To Page... (current page number):Click the current page number, then fill in the desired page number and hit Enter.

Previous/Next (navigation arrows): Click the back arrow to go to the previous page, and click the forward arrow to go to the next page.