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ebooks@ORU: Credo

Overview of the ebooks available in the ORU Library along with tips on how to access, search, navigate, annotate, and download them

About Credo Reference

Power Searching Options

Power searching is available from virtually any search box in Credo Reference with the use of Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and/or prefix or other operators such as these:

+ Must occur "single-parent famil*" +homelessness (both terms must occur)

^ Should occur "blended families" ^theor* (first term must occur and second should occur)

- Must not occur famil* -homeless* (first term must occur but second must not)

" " Phrase “rite* of passage” ( words in phrase must appear in order indicated)

* Truncation existenti* (words that begin with the letters that precede the asterisk)

? Wildcard wom?n (words that occur when any letter is substituted for the ?)

~ Sounds like ~chechnia (words that sound like the word after the ~)

Credo Reference ~ Quick Search

Credo Logo

Credo Reference Features

Entry Features: Provides the electronic equivalent of the article or definition plus any images, charts, graphs, or footnotes contained in the print.

Topic Pages: Gathers information on nearly 10,000 topics not only from Credo Reference but also from other library databases and the Web onto one screen.

Concept Map: A visual search map that displays connections between search results.

interface Language: Allows the user to select a language preference for the Credo Reference. Choices include English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Urdu.

Saved Results: Allows results to be saved, emailed or exported.

Citations: Provides citations at the bottom of each entry in four formats: Chicago, Harvard, APA, and MLA

Gadgets: Allows you to search for definitions, biographical materials, quotations, images, and pronunciations. Also functions as a crossword solver and measurement converter.