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EagleAnswers Screensharing: During the Session

During the Screensharing Session

Although the meeting controls may look slightly different depending upon a user's operating system, the basics should generally look as described below. Click on the links below the following image to learn more about using the meeting client directly from the opens new windowHelp Center.

Zoom Meeting client controls for joining audio and sharing your screen

  1. opens new windowConfiguring your meeting audio (recommended)
    • By joining the meeting audio, you and the other user will be able to talk with each other over a high-quality VoIP connection.
    • Though you will most likely use your computer's audio, it is also possible to opens new windowjoin via telephone.
    • You can opens new windowmute and unmute your audio at any point during the session.
  2. opens new windowSharing your screen
    • This will allow you (or the other user) to share the entire screen or just individual windows.
    • While sharing, both users will find on-screen opens new windowannotation tools, which allow you to highlight and mark up the screen (sort of like a SMART Board!).
    • During screen sharing, whether its your screen or the other user's, you can opens new windowrequest or give up keyboard & mouse control. For example, if you are sharing your own screen, this would allow the other user to interact with it.
  3. opens new windowEnabling webcam video (optional)
    • If you would like to turn on your computer's webcam in addition to joining the meeting audio, you totally can! However, this is entirely optional.
    • There are opens new windowdifferent layout options for displaying webcam video while simultaneously sharing your screen.
  4. opens new windowUsing the built-in chat box (optional)
    • You may find it helpful to use the in-meeting chat feature during a screensharingsession so you don't have to switch back and forth with LibChat.