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Distance Learners: Theology & Ministry Research: Journal Finder+

The purpose of this guide is to guide distance learners in the use of the library resources and services, particularly those that pertain to theological research.

What Is Journal Finder+?

The Journal Finder+is a powerful tool for locating journals and otherperiodicals and ebooks available in the ORU Library. It enables the library user to determine whether the full text of a particular journal, magazine, newspaper, ebook, or other resource is available in the Library.

Journal Finder+ Tips

-- To search Journal Finder+, key in the title of a publication (e.g., journal, magazine, newspaper, ebook), a subject, or a standard number (ISSN/ISBN).

-- Do not use Journal Finder+ to search for article titles. Instead, use eitheropens new windowEagleSearch or the opens new windowCitation Finder.

-- If desired, limit search results by one or more disciplines.

-- Under many of the titles that appear in the results list is a "Search within Publication" search box that allows the full text of that journal to be searched. If you use that box, the list of results shows up in EagleSearch.

4 Reasons to Use Journal Finder+

  1. to see whether the full text of a journal, magazine, or newspaper is available in the ORU Library. Although some ebooks do show up in the Journal Finder+ results, you will find more by searching the library catalog.
  2. to begin a search within a particular periodical or ebook. Use the "Search within Publication" box that appears under many of the titles.Those results appear seamlessly in EagleSearch once you have initiated the search.
  3. to find out which periodicals in a certain subject area are available in the ORU library , e.g., opens new windowEducation, opens new windowNursing, opens new windowBusiness, and opens new windowReligion.
  4. to gain an overview of the ePublicationsto which the Library provides access regardless of provider/vendor. At present EBSCO eBooks are searchable in Journal Finder+ as are the titles of Ebook Central,Credo Reference, and Gale eBooks.

Journal Finder+ Tutorial