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ORU Library Departments: Library Directory

Library Faculty and Staff

Library Faculty and Staff Directory
Name Phone number Title
Bloom, Myra email icon 918-495-7174 Instruction and Reference Librarian
Dunham, Dr. Linda email icon 918-495-7085 Curriculum Media Center Director
Eller, Daniel email icon 918-495-7168 Advanced Library Generalist & Electronic Resources Manager
Open Position 918-495-6723 Assistant to the Dean
Higeons, Dana email icon 918-495-6885 Library Systems Administrator & Head of Cataloging
Horner, Thad email icon 918-495-6889 Acting Theological Librarian & Digital Scholarship and Research Librarian
Horton, Jennifer email icon 918-495-6881 Cataloging Assistant
Isgrigg, Dr. Daniel email icon 918-495-6899 Director, Holy Spirit Research Center & Archives
Malcolm, Jane email icon 918-495-7495 Library Assistant Director
Murray, Charla email icon 918-495-7519 Music Listening Lab Assistant
Prescott, Carolyn email icon 918-495-6887 Access Services Supervisor
Roberts, Dr. Mark email icon 918-495-6723 Dean of the University Library
Rydin, Roger email icon 918-495-6750 Archives/Records Central
Sample, Dr. Angela email icon 918-495-6895 Head of Access Services
Smashey, Hope email icon 918-495-6887 Reference Research & Archives Assistant

Library Departments

Department Directory
Department Phone Number
Acquisitions 918-495-6885
Archives 918-495-6750
Ask-A-Librarian 918-495-6887
Cataloging 918-495-6885
Curriculum Media Center 918-495-6609
Dean's Office 918-495-6723
Digital Showcase 918-495-6889
Holy Spirit Research Center 918-495-6898
Interlibrary Loan 918-495-6887
Library Instruction Lab (LIL) 918-495-7452
Music Listening Room 918-495-7519
One-Stop Library Services Desk 918-495-6391
Periodicals Office 918-495-6885
Reserves Desk 918-495-6881