Introductory Information

Look through books and reference publications, such as psychology encyclopedias, for introductory and background information. In your review of readings, browse references and identify those that you may want to locate when you begin to search for more in-depth periodical articles.

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Search your broad topic in the library catalog or browse the subjects. Ebook titles are included in the library catalog, with links to the full text ebooks. Narrow your results with a subject search. In subject encyclopedias and books, browse the index and table of contents to look for your topic.

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Subject:opens new windowPsychology ~7,679 ebooks

Search Tips:
• Combine keyword and subject searching to narrow your results.
• Use the Sort By option to arrange the results. For example, Publication Date will sort the newest ebooks at the top of your list. (circled below)
• To view the 20 most relevant chapters from your result list, after you have done a search and have a list of results, click the Chapter Results tab. (circled below)

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Search examples:
opens new windowcognition and psychology (Keyword search, ~28,708 ebooks)
opens new window"cognitive psychology" (Phrase search, ~8,256 ebooks)
opens new windowpsychology (Subject search, ~2,964 ebooks)
Subject opens new windowpsychology and cognition keyword (~1,944 ebooks)