Spring 2022 - LIBBIs for Composition 102, 102H AND HONORS 101

How do you start research?
Where do you find scholarly articles?
What's an easy way to manage information?
How do you cite online sources?

As part of COMP-102, -102H, and HONR-101, you will complete two (2) library workshops, or LIBBIs, that will answer these questions and provide essential research tools. You will get an overview of library resources and learn basic skills to get started on and successfully complete your research assignment with ease and efficiency. There is nothing to do in preparation for the LIBBIs.

  • opens new windowLIBBI-102COMP, Part 1 is an online tutorial at https://oru.libwizard.com/f/comp102-part1-module1
  • LIBBI-102COMP, Part 2 is a hands-on session, offered in person in the Library Instructional Lab (LIL). Your professor will schedule the Part 2 LIBBI during a regular class time.

LIBBI-102COMP Part 1

The ORU Library, Books/Ebooks, and Reference Basics

After completing the Part 1 LIBBI Tutorial, you should be able to:

At the beginning of the tutorial, you will be instructed to complete three short Pre-Assessment "Library Proficiency" quizzes, which the library uses for planning and statistics. Scores do not count nor affect your Composition grade.

LIBBI-102COMP, Part 1 - opens new window Online Tutorial
[Approximate completion time 1 hr 15 mins.]

This is an online interactive tutorial. Your completion of the tutorial, which is LIBBI-102COMP, Part 1, will be documented. At the beginning of the tutorial, you will complete three short pre-assessment "Library Proficiency" exercises in D2L. Scores do NOT count. To progress through the tutorial modules, you will correctly answer basic questions. The tutorial will take approximately 50-60 minutes and the pre-assessment quizzes in D2L about 15-20 minutes. There is nothing to do in preparation for the LIBBI tutorial. The Part 1 Tutorial includes four Modules.

Module #1 - The LIBBI Tutorial and Navigating the Library's Website [approximately 20-25 mins.]
This module explores the library website and briefly covers basic information and tools available there, including:

  • Summary of the content and purpose of the COMP 102 LIBBI
  • Ask-A-Librarian
  • The Quick Search Box
  • Off-Campus Access
  • Database List
  • Library Hours
  • Library News
  • Includes instructions (with links) to complete three short pre-assessment quizzes in D2L which are used for Library data (scores do NOT count).

Module #2 - Finding Books and Ebooks [approximately 20 mins.]
Explore the library catalog features and ORU's ebook collections.

  • Books+
  • Ebooks+
  • Ebook databases

Module #3 - Reference Databases [approximately 20-25 mins.]
Learn how to access, use, search, and get citations in some of the most popular online Reference databases.

  • CQ Researcher
  • Gale Ebooks
  • Credo Reference
  • Points of View Reference
  • Includes 12 short optional instructional videos, ranging from 0.34 mins to 3:07 mins.

Module #4 - Sign up for Part 2 and Completion Certificate [5-10 mins.]

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for LIBBI Part 2.
  • Complete and submit a short form to get your "Completion Certificate" and credit for completing LIBBI Part 1.
    (Note: You do not need to do anything else for Part 1. Your COMP 102 Professor will get your completion information.)

Library Guides:
- opens new windowComposition 102, 102H, HONR101, Course Research Guide
- opens new windowHow to Find Books and ebooks

LIBBI-102COMP Part 2

Journals, Articles, and Databases

After completing the LIBBI, you should be able to:

  • Choose an appropriate database for your research
  • Find a scholarly article using keyword and Boolean expressions
  • Interpret, evaluate and improve a search for more relevant results
  • Create a MLA citation using a database tool, then accurately edit it
  • Find a journal or magazine title in Journal Finder+

At the end of this session, three short Post-Assessment "Exit Exercises" will be completed. Scores will count as part the General Education Information Literacy rubric of your WPA; scores do not affect your Composition 102 grade.

LIBBI-102COMP, Part 2 - Hands-on Session in the Library Instructional Lab (LIL)
Note: J-Term LIBBI, Part 2 will be on Zoom.
This is a hands-on session to discover and explore library resources. The Part 2 LIBBI session is scheduled by your Composition professor. LIBBI sessions meet in the Library Instructional Lab (LIL), LRC 4th floor (and on Zoom for the virtual student).

You must complete the Part 1 Tutorial before attending Part 2.
View the opens new windowLIBBI Schedule Calendar

Be on time; sessions start promptly.
Attendance is taken at the start of the session and given to your professors. If you are unfamiliar with the LIL location, you may want to visit the area prior to your session so you arrive on time.

Part 2 sessions last the length of your regular COMP class time.
To receive credit for attending you will need to stay until the session is over.

Library Guides:
- opens new windowComposition 102, 102H, HONR101, Course Research Guide
- opens new windowHow to Find Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, Trade Publications)
- opens new windowCiting Sources: MLA

Important Notes

Important Notes:

  • Both Parts 1 and 2 are required and must be completed. Non-attendance results in a letter grade consequence. See your opens new windowcourse syllabus for more information on the LIBBI requirements.
  • If you need to change to a different session see opens new window"How to Change LIBBI Sessions."
  • For the semester, when the LIBBIs are over there is no way to make them up.
  • You will need your network login (SSO). If your login does not work, contact the IT Concierge Desk at studenthelpdesk@oru.edu, 918.495.6321, or it.oru.edu.