Always check the print style manual and your professor's recommendations for citation accuracy.

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MLA Style Manual

General Information (MLA 9th ed.)

For articles in databases, include the permalink or DOI (opens new windowDigital Object Identifier). To get a permalink in EBSCOhost, click "Permalink" in the right sidebar under "Tools." Accessed date is not required, but may be provided if you wish. Check with your professor's guidelines.

  For permalinks, do not include https:// at the beginning of the URL.

  For DOIs, include https:// at the beginning of the DOI.  (i.e.,

✓  For articles in EBSCOhost, if the work is contained in its entirety (not just the abstract or record), use i>EBSCOhost as the container. (Note: Databases within the EBSCOhost platform, such as Academic Search Complete or ERIC, are considered "filters," not the container.)

Citation Examples - Journals, Magazines (MLA 9th ed.)

Article in magazine. Includes optional accessed date.
Example (opens new windowview article record.):

Gliatto, Tom, et al. “1936-2017 Mary Tyler Moore. (Cover Story).” People, vol. 87, no. 7, Feb. 2017, pp. 54–62. EBSCOhost, Accessed 29 Apr. 2020.

Journal Article with URL

Fowler, Cary. “A ‘Doomsday’ Seed Vault to Protect the World’s Diversity.” Journal of International Affairs, vol. 67, no. 2, Spring/Summer 2014, pp. 141–146. EBSCOhost,

opens new windowView article record.

Journal Article with DOI

Latham, Laura S., et al. “Chocolate-Guilty Pleasure or Healthy Supplement?” Journal of Clinical Hypertension, vol. 16, no. 2, Feb. 2014, pp. 101–106. EBSCOhost, https://doi:10.1111/jch.12223.

opens new windowView article record.

Additional MLA Resources

MLA Style Center (Modern Language Association)

To organize key elements in your citation, use the opens new windowMLA Interactive Practice Template from MLA Handbook (8th ed.), PDF, by the Modern Language Association (,

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In-Text Citations Without Page Numbers

When page numbers are not fixed (the page numbering is not the same in all formats) or not available, use a label identifying abbreviation for the number reference. Use a comma to separate the author from a reference that is not a page number.

(Smith 27) page number 27
(Smith, par. 6) paragraph 6
(Smith, pars. 6-7) paragraphs 6 and 7
(Smith, ch. 4) chapter 4

MLA Handbook, 8th edition (pp. 36, 123-127) - Call number opens new windowLB2369.G53 2016
The Little, Brown Handbook, 13th edition (pp. 638-640) - Call number opens new windowPE1112.F644 2016.