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BIO-372/ EVR-390 Intro. to Biological Research/ Environmental Research

Edit your search query to match the database subjects and terms.

Subjects headings vary with databases, as shown below.

opens new windowdog and nutrition and "national research council"- ScienceDirect, keyword and phrase search; ~1,078 results; limit to article type Research articles (469)
opens new windownutrition AND dogs AND (research or study) - MEDLINE, keyword search; ~850 results
opens new window"dog nutrition" - MEDLINE, phrase search; ~10 results
opens new window (MH "Animal Nutrition Sciences")- MEDLINE, MeSH search;~124 results
- Above search limited on Advanced Search to Animal: Dogs - ~11 results
opens new windowDE "DOGS -- Nutrition"- Academic Search Complete, subject (DE=Descriptor or subject term)

opens new windowfungi AND medicinal - ScienceDirect, keywords
opens new window (MH "Fungi+/IM/IP/GE/DE") AND medicinal - MEDLINE, MeSH and keyword search (DE= drug effects, GE= genetics, IM= immunology, IP= isolation & purification)

Limit date, age group, subsets, etc., as needed to match your research needs.

Do you need primary research, clinical trials, surveys? Try a search that includes the publication type -clinical trial, comparative study, research, etc.- in your search query. Some databases include limiters on the Advanced Search that include gender, age, subsets, and more.

opens new window (subject:"alzheimer's disease") AND (everything:aluminum) - PLOS ONE, subject and keyword search; ~11 results

opens new window (subject:"alzheimer's disease") AND everything:prevention) AND everything:"clinical trials"- PLOS ONE, subject and keyword search; ~511 results

opens new window (MH "Alzheimer Disease/PC/MI") AND "purpose of this study"- MEDLINE, MeSH and phrase search; date limit 2011-2016 (PC=prevention and control; MI= microbiology)

opens new window (MH "Alzheimer Disease/PC/MI")- MEDLINE; Limiters-2010-2016; Narrowed by Subject Age: all child: 0-18 years

Sample article:
opens new window"Modeling Test and Treatment Strategies for Presumption Alzheimer Disease" (Note: PLOS includes funding information, author(s), affiliations and competing interests, and more.)