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Copy, Print, and Scan at ORU Library: Printing in the Library

Wireless Printing from Your Device

The only wireless printer in the Library is the Wepa printer. To print to the Canons, you must log on to a computer in the LINC (Library INformation Commons).


To print from your device:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Login button in the upper right hand of the screen. Wepa printer
  3. Select Oral Roberts University in the school drop down (start typing Oral Roberts University in the drop down box to quickly locate Oral Roberts University).
  4. Click on Click here to complete your login and go to Members Area on the next page.
  5. on the log in page, enter your username and password (same you use for D2L).
  6. To upload a document choose from the selection of cloud storage accounts (Google Drive, etc.) or click on the tab Document Upload.
  7. In Step 1, select your file.
  8. Choose your print options in Step 2 and review.
  9. Accept in Step 3.
  10. If you are paying with your Eagle card, when you swipe your card at the Wepa printer, your documents to be printed will appear. If you are paying with a credit card or PayPal, note the code displayed on your device to take to the printer to enter in order to locate and release your print job at the Wepa printer.


Each computer in the Library has a printer set as the default printer, but the printer can be changed in the dropdown for the printer in the popup window that appears when you click on print. Each of the computers has small card on the desk under the monitor that tells you which printer is the default and what mailbox name and number you will need when you go to the printer to release your print job.

Canon copier/scanner/printer
  1. Go to the Canon printer to which your print job was sent (Canon 1 or Canon 2).
  2. Enter cash or swipe your Eagle Card.
  3. Select Access Stored Files.
  4. Select Mailbox.
  5. Search for the mailbox number/name of the computer from which your print job was sent and select it.
  6. Find your document in the list and select it.
  7. Click on Print, then on Start Printing.
  8. When your printing is complete, press Done on the card reader or press coin return.

Costs and Payment Methods

Black and White printers (Canons 1 and 2) are available in the ORU Library.

One color printer (Wepa) is also available in the ORU Library .


  • Black and white: 10¢ per page
  • Color (1-sided): 50¢ per page

How to Pay:

Both Canon printers accept cash (coins and bills) or Eagle Card. The Canons do NOT accept credit or debit cards other than Eagle Card.

The Wepa accepts Eagle Card, credit card, or PayPal. The Wepa printer does NOT accept cash.