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PRFT-949 Research Methods ~ PhD in Theology Course Guide: Research Guides

About the Library Guides

The library guides help users learn about library resources related to various disciplines and types of information. They are created by ORU librarians specifically with the research needs of the students in mind. They are where you can go 24/7 for research help.

Need some research help? Check out these Research Guides:

5 Reasons to Use the Library Guides

  1. For help finding library materials for an assignment or research paper.
  2. You haven't used the library for a while and need a refresher.
  3. You want to begin a research project, but the library is closed, and you won't be able to speak to a librarian in person until the library reopens.
  4. You don't know how to find a particular kind of resource such as a dissertation or a Bible commentary.
  5. You want to learn more about the Library's ebooks.

Just to name a few...

4 Kinds of Library Guides

The ORU Library provides four kinds of Library Guides:

  1. Subject Research Guides: Use a subject guide to find resources related to a particular subject or discipline. The guide will direct you to relevant databases, ebooks, online journals, reference works, and more, as well as provide sample searches and give other tips.
  2. Course Guides: Use a course guide to find resources related to assignments in a specific course.
  3. How to Find... Guides: Use a how-to-find guide for tips on locating a particular type of information, such as articles, reviews, books, journals, multimedia, newspapers, statistics, and dissertations and theses.
  4. General Guides: Use a general guide to learn more information about the library including off-campus access, documenting sources, creating search strategies, and much more.