ORU Library Study on Library Anxiety

by Angela Sample, Ph.D., M.Ed., M.A. on 2019-04-26T13:57:15-05:00 | Comments

You are invited to participate in a study the ORU Library is conducting on reducing library anxiety.

Your participation will help the Library help other students benefit more from their ORU experience and especially their use of the Library.

We think your participation will take only 90 minutes and may be completed in one time.

You will be asked to

  • First, take a survey. You will be asked questions about your views about the Library. (estimated time, 30 minutes)
  • Take a virtual tour of the Library! It should be fun and informative.  (estimated time, 30 minutes)
  • Last, take the survey again, after taking the virtual tour. We want to know if the tour changes your responses to the questions. (estimated time, 30 minutes)

Your responses will be used by us to better understand our students’ views about the Library. No personal data is collected. The findings will be presented at an international conference on higher education this summer at Oxford.

Your participation will help other ORU students and may help university students in several other countries too.

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