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ebooks@ORU: How to Return ebooks

Overview of the ebooks available in the ORU Library along with tips on how to access, search, navigate, annotate, and download them

How to Return Downloaded ebooks

When entire ebooks are downloaded, they may be checked out for either a 7- or 14- day period. At the end of the check-out period, the ebooks expire, meaning they become unusable (until they are downloaded again). Whenever an ebook expires, it is automatically "returned" or released, freeing it for use by someone else.

While there is no requirement that users return ebooks as that is done automatically once an ebook expires, a user may wish to do so as a courtesy for the sake of making it more quickly available to other users. Also, because the number of ebook downloads is generally limited (for Ebook Central, the limit is ten at any one time), a user may want to return an ebook early for the sake of being able to download a different ebook.

To return a book early, go to Adobe Digital Editions, right-click the title of the item you wish to return, select "Return Borrowed Item," and then click OK. There is a time lapse between the time the ebook is returned and the ebook is released for use on the Ebook Central web site. The gap may be as long as an hour.

If the ebook is downloaded on the Bluefire Reader app, click the return button to return it early.