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Bible Commentaries Plus

Quick start your search for Bible commentaries in the ORU Library.

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Bible Commentaries Plus -- Guide Contents

The Biblical Commentaries Plus LibGuide is designed to raise awareness of and provide easy access to the many Bible commentaries available in the ORU Library. The commentaries listed have been selected as starting points for doing research on the various books and sections of the Bible. Other works such as introductions, critical and interpretative works, and theological studies related to a book or section of the Bible are listed separately in boxes labeled, "More on...". For further guidance in selecting commentaries, check out the resources listed in the Resources for Evaluating Bible Commentaries box to the right. Guest researchers who do not have access to ORU's restricted resources may wish to try the Open Access Bible Commentaries Quick Search (see box below).

To recommend a commentary to add to this LibGuide or to add to the ORU Library collection, please contact the Theological Librarian.

Open Access Bible Commentaries ~ Quick Search

Use the quick search above to search open access Bible commentaries from such popular Web sites as,,,, and including many titles on this annotated opens new windowlist created by librarian Seth Allen.

One way to focus a search is to add a commentator's name. To find what Robertson says about the Greek word charis, for example, key in the words: charis Robertson. Hebrew and Greek words may be searched in Hebrew or Greek, e.g.עַלְמָה, πνεῦμα, or by transliteration, e.g. alma, pneuma.

Caveat: Though professors typically prefer not to see citations to open access commentaries in bibliographies of research papers if they are dated or otherwise do not meet expected scholarly norms, these resources are useful for quick reference, provided they are used circumspectly.

To access the Open Access Bible Commentaries Quick Search web page, go to opens new window

Resources for Evaluating Bible Commentaries

Opinions as to the relative value of the various Bible commentaries vary widely among biblical scholars. Students may wish to consult with their own professors as to their particular recommendations. The following works offer further guidance on the selection of commentaries.