Policies and Room Booking Tool

Faculty & AVR Room

Location: A room to the right of the new book display on LRC-4th floor.

The room is dedicated to use by current or retired ORU faculty, and students using education-type VR programs, such as 3D Organon VR and TiltBrush. The Faculty & AVR Room is available during posted library hours including evenings and weekends. Check out the room key and, if needed, the controllers at the One-Stop Library Service desk. opens new windowWebcams are also available for checkout.

Covered drinks are allowed in the room.

Equipped with:

  • One HTC Vive VR station
  • VR Computer, HTC Vive Headset with Deluxe Audio Strap
  • Steam Content library, Zoom, Kaltura, Adobe Creative Suite, and more.

Faculty may use the room for individual research or collaboration with colleagues or students.
Student use of the room is limited to interactive educational virtual reality (VR) and 2-hour reserve bookings. This is not a student study room.

Walk-up Use
Faculty and students may use the room on the spur of the moment provided they check first at the One-Stop Library Services Desk to make sure the room is free and to inform the library staff as to how long they plan to use the room. Library staff will then book the room for the faculty member or student so that the room appears as booked on the booking calendar.

Reserving the Room
The room may also be reserved. Reservations can be made using the booking tool below. An email confirmation will be sent upon approval of the booking. Faculty reservations take precedence over student use.

No materials should be left unattended in the room.

Notes: VR users may pick up a one-time use opens new windowVR headset eye mask cover at the One-Stop Library Services desk. For Steam update login, inquire at the One-Stop Library Service Desk.

Faculty may occasionally want to reserve the room for an hour or two where they can be easily accessible to their students for the purpose of advising them regarding the selection or use of library materials; however, the room is not intended for regular use as an office or classroom.

Available technologies for faculty use in this room:

  • Zoom
  • Kaltura
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • 3D Programs
  • Virtual Reality

Equipment that can be checked out from the One-Stop Library Services Desk:

  • Webcam
  • Headset with Microphone
  • VR Controllers

To gain access to the Faculty & AVR Room after receiving email verification of the booking, faculty may check out the key from the One-Stop Library Services Desk, where they should return it when their scheduled time has ended. If the faculty member has reserved the room for an entire day, the key will be due at the One-Stop Library Services Desk no later than 15 minutes prior to the closing of the Library. Faculty members are asked to lock the room whenever they leave the Library and before returning the key.

The group study rooms in the Library Information Commons (LINC) are also available for faculty use, but the Library encourages faculty to use the research room when it is available so that, as much as possible, the group study rooms will be free for student use.

Students may use the room for virtual reality (VR) educational programs, such as opens new window3D Organon, an immersive, interactive fully-featured anatomy atlas, and opens new windowTilt Brush, a 3D painting VR application.

Students may reserve the room for up to two (2) hours. When using VR, it is recommended users take a break after 30 minutes in VR.

When the room is being reserved, to gain access to the Faculty & AVR Room after receiving email verification of the booking, students will need to check out the key and VR controllers from the One-Stop Library Services Desk, where they should return them when their scheduled time has ended.

The student's ID will be held at the One-Stop desk until the room key and VR controllers are returned.

HTC Vive

Faculty may use the computer to Zoom with students, create and save videos, edit PDFs, work with 3D programs, and more.

Faculty and AVR Room
Faculty may also use the room to explore VR.

Faculty & AVR Room

Programs and Applications Available

  • 3D Organon - Immersive virtual reality (VR) anatomy program.
  • 3D Warehouse - Searchable pre-made 3D models to use in Sketchup.
  • Adobe Creative Suite - includes Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Go Live CS, Adobe Acrobat 6.0 to create and publish print and Web content. See: opens new windowCreate an Adobe ID PDF icon
  • Audacity - easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder.
  • Easy Video Maker - an application to play games published by Epic Games.
  • Kaltura - Video making software.
  • MakerBot Print - free software to discover, prepare, and manage and share 3D prints. (For use with the Library's 3D printer.)
  • Maya 3D Animation Software - enables creation of professional 3D cinematic animations.
  • Maya Suite - 3D modeling program
  • Mudbox 3D Sculpting Software - a digital sculpting and texture painting software for 3D.
  • Sculptris - 3D modeling program, primarily for modeling clay.
  • Sketchfab - Models to experinece in AVR with iPhone 7 and up and androids.
  • Sketchup - 3D modeling program for buildings.
  • Zoom - Cloud-based video conferencing software.

To Reserve the Faculty/AVR Room:

  • On the booking tool, select the date from the calendar.
  • Select each 30-minute segment for the time needed from the schedule grid.
  • After reading the policies, click "Continue" to indicate your agreement, then enter the required information.
  • NOTE: only email addresses in ORU.edu domain can be used.
  • You will receive an email when your request has been approved.