About 3D VR Videos

3D videos, similar to 3D movies, have depth of field and require a 3D virtual reality (VR) headset, such as Sharkk VR goggles, along with a cellphone. However, unlike a full VR experience the 3D VR experience is limited to the video creator's view.

The Library has Sharkk VR Goggles and Homido Mini VR Glasses to use with your smartphone for a 3D VR experience. (You can also use Google Cardboard VR googles.)

Sharkk 3D VR Goggles

SHARK VR Goggles

VR Googles by SHARKK turn your smartphone into a VR experience.

VR goggles are available for 4-day check out at the One-Stop Library Services Desk for academic or personal use. opens new windowCheck availability.

Homido Mini VR Glasses

Homido VR Mini Glasses

The foldable Homido Mini Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses clip on your smartphone to provide an immersive experience in a matter of seconds.

Homido glasses are available for 7-day check out at the One-Stop desk. Check availability.

YouTube Virtual Reality

To access YouTube 3D VR experiences:
Open the YouTube VR app on your smartphone and search "YouTube Virtual Reality." Or, go to opens new windowYouTube's official VR channel, which also includes 360 videos. Search and select a VR video then clip on the Homido glasses or put your smartphone in the VR goggles for an immersive experience.