About 360 Videos

360 videos offer full 360 degree views that allow the person viewing to choose where to look. Unlike VR, however, there is no depth of field.

360 Videos can be viewed on laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones. Special equipment, such as a headset or goggles, is not needed for viewing 360 videos.

ORU 360 Videos

Academic Videos Online (AVON) 360º VR - More than 170 360-degree videos covering all subject areas.
Note: This is an ORU database. If you are off campus, when prompted, sign in with your ORU network login (SSO).


ORU Social Work Program
ORU's 360 Camera helped the Social Work Department to demonstrate a realistic 360 video simulation of a social worker interviewing a parent who has drugs in the house. This is best viewed on a PC for highest resolution. Use your mouse or the pan button in the upper corner of the video to pan  and experience full 360-degrees! 

Featured 360 Videos

Museum of the Bible
Take a 360 virtual tour of D.C.'s Museum of the Bible.

opens new windowAmarna: 3D
Virtual recreation of the main city complex of the ancient Egyptian city of Akhetaten, presently known as Tel el Amarna. opens new windowLearn more.
(Subjects: art, history, ancient civilizations)

The Octagon Project
Sample videos:
The Life of Jesus in Virtual Reality - Story 1-2, The Beginning of the Gospels (360° Version) [YouTube, 3:30 mins.]
The Life of Jesus in Virtual Reality - Story 3, The Genealogy of Luke and Matthew (360° Version) [YouTube, 5:20 mins.]

opens new windowThe Museum of the World
Presented by The British Museum and Google Cultural Institute. An interactive experience spanning two million years of human history and cultures with selected objects from the British Museum. Click an object then "Find out more" for audio file, related objects, and interactive maps. opens new windowLearn more.
(Subjects: art, living, religion, trade, conflict)
View opens new windowBritish Museum 3D objects in Sketchfab

BioDigital Human

opens new windowThe BioDigital Human
A free application that visualizes anatomy, disease and treatments with dynamic, interactive 3D graphics and simulations. Explore detailed models of anatomy and health conditions. Consists of "over 12,000 independently selectable, tagged and labeled 3D models."
opens new windowHuman Support (the Help page)
opens new windowHow do I cite BioDigital in my academic paper or project.

To get started click "Launch Human" on the BioDigital page, or opens new windowlog in after you have created a free account, which can be used on both the web and mobile apps.

Try this:
1. Log in to BioDigital Human. Open the Explore menu at the top of the screen.
2. Select the categoryBlood, Heart and Circulation. Click Heart.
3. Use your mouse or touchpad to move the 3D image.

--Click an area of the heart. Foranatomy information, click the info button ⓘ in the left sidebar. Use the Anatomy button to explore all the anatomy of your current view.

--Click tools in the left sidebar. On the toolbar at the bottom of the page, click X-ray Mode in the View Modes options. To see hidden objects, use the Dissect tool in the toolbar to remove one object at a time by clicking your mouse.

360 Videos Examples

To find 360 videos on YouTube:
Go to opens new windowYouTube's official VR channel, which includes 360 videos. Search or browse.