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Appointments: Librarians

Telephone: 918-495-7168
Professor Eller's Personal Zoom Meeting Room:

Telephone: 918-495-7495
Professor Malcolm's Personal Zoom Meeting Room:

Telephone: 918-495-6899
Dr. Isgrigg's Personal Zoom Meeting Room:

Spirit-empowered Leadership, opens new window International Development, International Relations, Global Studies, Pentecostal/Charismatic History & Theology, Late 19th Century Evangelicalism, Pneumatology, Church History, opens new windowTheology & Ministry, opens new windowGov/Pol Sci, opens new windowMultidisciplinary

Telephone: 918-495-6885
Instructor Higeons' Personal Zoom Meeting Room:

Telephone: 918-495-6895
Dr. Sample's Personal Zoom Meeting

opens new windowEducation, Sociology of Education, Information Literacy, Library & Information Science, opens new windowDrama/Theatre, opens new windowMultidisciplinary,

Telephone: 918-495-6887