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Areas of Research Subject Expertise:
Interdisciplinary Studies, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Theology & Ministry, Systematic Theology, Ethics, Multidisciplinary

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Areas of Research Subject Expertise:
Advertising/Public Relations, Business, Com Arts, Sports Management, Multidisciplinary

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Areas of Research Subject Expertise:
Spirit-empowered Leadership, International Development, International Relations, Global Studies, Pentecostal/Charismatic History & Theology, Late 19th Century Evangelicalism, Pneumatology, Church History, Theology & Ministry, Gov/Pol Sci, Multidisciplinary

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Areas of Research Subject Expertise:
Education, Sociology of Education, Information Literacy, Library & Information Science, Drama/Theatre, Multidisciplinary

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Areas of Research Subject Expertise
Babylonian Talmud, Biology/Env Sci, Chemistry, Church History, English, Information Literacy, HLSS, Nursing, Plagiarism, Theology/Religion, Multidisciplinary