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Library News - COSE - Spring 2020: BOOKS & EBOOKS

News of new books and ebooks


Please send all book or ebook requests that you have, whether for upcoming classes, for your current research, or for extra reading that appears on your syllabus.
While we may not be able to get all titles purchased, they remain on our list until we can get them. Therefore, it helps us greatly for you to prioritize your needs, especially noting if the book is needed for a specific semester. When money does become available, it is helpful to have our lists ready to order so please continue to send requests whenever you run across a title, not merely waiting until the beginning of the semester.

** Also remember that you can put personal copies of books and textbooks onto your Faculty Reserve for students to use in the library.

We also just added select titles that tend to get heavily used and put them on " Library Reserve" so that students will always have a copy available.

Examples of these: MCAT practice tests; Concise rules of APA style; ​Sharkk VR Goggles (Be looking for the opening of ouropens new window Digital Sandbox!--4th Floor LRC)

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Send requests to or directly to me (; you can submit lists from WorldCat or Amazon or fill out our opens new window online form.