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State of the Library 2020

What Is AVR+AI?

  • Augmented Reality, or AR: the process of experiencing a digital addition to reality
  • Virtual Reality, or VR: a full immersion into another world/reality
    • The Library refers to these jointly using the acronym AVR.
  • Artificial Intelligence, or AI: the development and use of computer applications to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence
  • HTC Vive and Oculus: state-of-the-art VR headsets

Library & HLSS Department Collaboration

  • Librarian Myra Bloom and Scarlet Jost, Assistant Professor of Health, Leisure and Sport Science, in the HLSS Department, have collaborated together, with assistance from IT’s Tyler Pitts, to obtain a President’s Research Fund grant to enhance HLSS and General Education courses using virtual reality.
  • Integration of new immersive technology into the Aerobic Center classrooms can potentially impact up to 2,000 students from freshman to senior levels per year.
  • This joint effort has resulted in the use of virtual reality in the HLSS curriculum including such software as opens new window3D Organon VR Anatomy, a “fully-featured virtual anatomy atlas.”

Immersive Technologies for Transformative Learning & Teaching

Dean Mark Roberts has assigned Myra Bloom responsibility for coordinating the AVR and Immersive Learning Technologies initiatives in the Library. With the assistance of Dan Eller, Professor Bloom is working to promote the use of new technologies among students and faculty, collaborating with and assisting faculty to facilitate transformative teaching and learning.

AVR+AI Instructional Task Force

  • Dean Roberts is chairing the AVR+AI Instructional Task Force for the purpose of creating research proposals eligible for funding by the President’s Research Fund.

Virtual Reality Activity Station

  • in Spring 2019, the Library created a Virtual Reality Activity Station with 3D data visualization using HTC Vive/Oculus applications, e.g.:
    • Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator – Future pilots can take flight virtually.
    • Home: A VR Spacewalk– Future astronauts can walk through outer space or board a satellite rotating the earth.
    • inMind VR – Future physicians can travel through the brain, neutralizing infected neurons.
    • Tilt Brush –Art majors can use a virtual paintbrush to create artwork in thin air.
    • Wonderful You – Viewers watch new life develop in a mother's womb.

3D Printing

  • In September 2019, the Library launched 3D printing services as part of its commitment to promote and support transformative teaching and learning with emerging and innovative technologies.
    • Myra Bloom has written the 3D printing policy as well as created a user guide, training sign-up form, and user agreement form.
    • To obtain the certification required to use the 3D printer, students may attend a brief training session taught by Dan Eller.

Digital Sandbox

  • Coming soon to the Library is a Digital Sandbox where students and faculty can interactively explore new learning technologies and devices. Having collected equipment and software, Professor Bloom and Tyler Pitts, the Library’s IT associate, are now working toward completing the Digital Sandbox room, which will be equipped with...
    • VIVE headsets and Oculus Quest, a wireless VR headset
    • VR-ready laptops, computers, and software programs
    • Arturia MIDI Controller (keyboard) to enable students to practice basic digital composition and recording
    • A large-screen digital display
  • The Digital Sandbox should open sometime after Fall Break.

Faculty & AVR Room

  • The former Faculty Research Room onLRC-4 next to the new book display has been renamed the Faculty & AVR Room.
  • The Library has installed Kaltura and Camtasia--video recording and editing software--on the computer as well as AVR software, so that faculty can record lectures for online classes or practice using AVR.
  • A webcam and headset have been placed on reserve at the One-Stop Library Services Desk for use by faculty members.
  • Also, at the One-Stop Desk are VR controllers (VIVE handset), available to faculty and library staff for 4-hour check out.
  • Faculty may reserve the room by booking it online here.

360 Virtual Tour of the library

  • In Spring 2019, Dr. Angela Sample and Dan Eller in collaboration with Stephen Guzman (formerly of the IT department), created a 360 Virtual Tour of the library to help students find some of the services the Library offers. The virtual tour features accessible routes through the building.​

VR Goggles

  • VR Goggles are now available at the One-Stop Library Services Desk for 4-hour check out.

AVR Library Guides

VR Activity Station


VR in the Library

Faculty, staff, and students are welcome to drop by the Library's VR activity station at any time the Library is open to explore the Holy Land on Google Earth using VR headsets or perhaps a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon.