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State of the Library 2020

Library Points of Contact Infographic 2019

How often did the Library impact students in 2019?

Among the many ways students make contact with the Library are

  • visiting the Library in person,
  • borrowing books or other materials,
  • asking librarians questions,
  • reserving the study rooms,
  • attending library instruction sessions,
  • accessing the Library's website,
  • searching the Library's databases,
  • downloading full-text documents,
  • reading the Library's ebooks, and
  • following the Library's Facebook or Twitter posts

Last year the total points of contact students had with the Library were 1,115,769.

The categories of points of contact between patrons and the Library with the highest numbers are

  1. The Library Website with 309,221 hits,
  2. ebooks with 211,908 uses,
  3. The EBSCOhost databases with 177,601 searches, and
  4. EagleSearch, the EBSCO Discovery Service, with 175,005 searches.