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State of the Library 2020


Collaboration as a Strategy Award

"Collaboration as a Strategy" Award

When Dr. Mark E. Roberts, Dean of Learning Resources, accompanied ORU IT Director of Operations Peter Kovaleski to the CCCU Commission on Technology Conference at Wheaton College in June 4–6, 2019, Dr. Roberts was presented with the commission’s first “Collaboration as a Strategy” award in recognition of the IT-Library collaboration in infusing the Library with emerging innovative learning and teaching technologies (ILTs).

At the conference, Dean Roberts was introduced to the emerging discipline of Digital Humanities, which studies traditional humanities disciplines that can benefit from high-performance computing to analyze large data sets. Dean Roberts envisions integrating Learning Resources with ORU’s Titan Supercomputer and the resources of the ORU computing faculty and the ed tech innovation of IT to help develop new fields of study within the humanities.